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CDT in Physics Doctoral Meeting (Nov 2018)

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Presentaciones realizadas

  • Alexander Kappes – Muenster Nano Physics (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Alexander Kappes – Muenster Nonlinar Physics (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Alexander Kappes – Muenster Particle Physics (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Alexander Kappes Muenster Geophysics (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Andrea Latge (UFF) – Strained graphene nanostructured systems (eng) » ver descargar [ppt]
  • Antonio M. Lallena (UGR) – Ant colony algorithm (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Carlos A. Plata Ramos (US) – From proteins to grains (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Franco Bandi (IMSE_US) – Single Photon Detection in CMOS technologies (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Jeannie Rangel – Theoretical considerations about heavy- ion fusion in potential scattering (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • José Mohallem – The Graduate Program in Physics at UFMG (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Lidia Andrade (UFMG) – Platforms for biomedical application based on nanomaterials (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Manfredo Tabacniks (IFUSP) (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Pablo F Ibáñez Ibáñez – Surfaces for anti-icing performance (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Pablo Torres-Sánchez (UGR) – Measurement of neutron induced nuclear reactions (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
  • Yan – Soft particles monolayers at the air-water interface (eng) » ver descargar [pdf]
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